I sit here in my tower


I sit here in my tower

awaiting the sweet respite of salvation

holding my breath

it’s embrace seems a fantasy

drowning in a sea of tears

darkness mocking

pierces through my skin


Shadows growing

with each passing moment

My mind

scrambling with thoughts of

confusion & doubt

eventuality & practicality

righteousness & empathy


Choking & restless

I gasp

gathering strength

in hopes of respite

while I ride out this storm


Hands shaking

I fear losing my grip on reality

this chalice filled with my sanity

trembles as I struggle to hold on


In search of light

a path to guide

a helping hand

in this hour of need


I sit here in my tower




revolting to the ones

who once loved


My purpose


My fate lost

My fortitude torn

My strength battered


I sit here in my tower

consumed by darkness

in this place of light

A lighthouse devoid of light

consumed by the shadows of

helplessness, fear & crippling weakness


Once a champion of light

I lay broken

having left my fate

to the gods of uncertainty

I sit here in my tower

Awaiting the sweet respite of salvation



Hello fellow crab-folk & all those who sit trapped in their own forsaken towers,

Not a very flushed out thought today. Just tried to put a complex feeling which is a result of multiple factors into a simple thought.

I hope some of you who will end up reading this might relate to some of it, we’ve all at some point in our life felt like the beacon or lighthouse in our own life & the lives of the people with whom we surround ourselves. Enriching their journey with our presence, providing them with strength and support when they needed it the most.

I’m sure we’ve all felt like the light has gone dark in that tower as well. It’s easy to say that during a storm is when you need the lighthouse the most to guide you away from harm’s way. What do you do when the storm brew’s within? What do you do when you struggle to keep the flame burning?

This is in sorts a dedication to all those out there who metaphorically ‘sit in their own forsaken towers’ overcome by darkness, doubt & struggling to keep their sanity.

I would like to say hang in there and let the storm pass, face that which ails you, let it overcome you but don’t give in. Focus your thoughts on getting through it, focus on how awesome you will feel on the other side of whatever you’re going through. Know that a situation or a time in your life is not the end of you and you will not feel the same in a few days, weeks, months or even years. Life has a way of working out and nature will always produce order out of chaos.

Your sanity and your life is only yours to forgo, hold onto it with dear life and you will get through it all.

I’m getting this out in the hopes that it’ll prove therapeutic to you reading and maybe to myself as well. Not gonna ramble on this time & will hopefully have a few posts out soon as they’re almost ready and maybe a little bit more flushed out.

Until the next time the synapses fire, Super Ninja Crab King bids you farewell & safe travels through this diverse and unpredictable Universe.

Do check out my experimental blog Journey Through The Void Of Interstellar Space for weird and out of this world experiences.


You just beat the Universe!

You just beat the Universe!


Keelah se’lai to all travelling through this ever expanding Universe,

Currents of air travelling around the globe try to push over the shrub, Yet it sways to their rhythm.
The Earth with all it’s might pulls it closer to the core, Yet it stands tall.
The Sun with all it’s might tries to incinerate the shrub, Yet it flourishes.
The Universe bombards it with radiation, It uses that energy to diversify.
I took this picture in Kutch on a chilly winter morning. Going back to it a quote from one of the great thinkers of our time John Muir came to mind;
“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”
We all survive and overcome great forces each day like the shrub.
So whenever you feel defeated, lost, unable to go on.
Remember you like the shrub are beating the Universes ass every single second.
You will survive and you will flourish.
You are beating the odds just by being alive.
No matter how hard the force trying to push you over, you will use it sway but you will never fall.
No matter how hard someone tries to pull you down, you will use that force to grow taller.
No matter how hard someone tries to burn you with their words or actions, you will  use that negativity to flourish.
The natural world in it’s simplicity holds answers to great riddles that even with all our intelligence, we struggle to answer.
We let petty differences, problems that we developed, take over our lives. There are forces beyond our comprehension and at a universal scale which we overcome without breaking a sweat.
So why let what somebody thinks of you be a cause for concern?
Why get bothered by harsh words?
Why let a job ruin your peace of mind?
Why should you let someone push you over?
Why should you let someone pull you down?
YOU JUST BEAT THE UNIVERSE! and you will do it again the next second!
We have the power within, there is always hope if you are still alive.
I bid you farewell until the synapses light up once again.
“Live long and prosper” as the Vulcan’s say.



People Watching

Greetings brave explorers of this plain of existence,

I saw this video which is part of a web series called People Watching a little while ago. This offering kinda struck a chord in a very soft and rarely visited spot in my heart. Which in turn led to inspiration and that much awaited firing of the synapses in my brain. So here I am sharing a feeling that overtook me after watching this video.
But before I go any further I feel like you should watch the video for yourself to get a sense of what I’m on about.
I have blocked out a large part of my time in school because either it was super weird or stressful. It never occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t all that great for others too, looking back I can be fairly certain it wasn’t easy for a lot of people. I do hold some fond memories with some incredible people as well and some of them include my teachers. I never shared a particular bond with any teacher like the video but watching it made me think of the moments which seemed insignificant at the time but maybe kind of shaped who I am today.
There were a few teachers who left a mark though and I think about them once in a while. I’ve never felt the urge to get in touch with any of them but I would like to run into them sometime. Although I wouldn’t know what to say or even if they recognize me, just knowing and maybe letting them know that someone they inspired a long time ago still holds them in a special place. The timing of this video is significant as just a few days ago my wife reached out to one of her favorite teachers that had deep impact on her life and she was ecstatic to finally have found her all these years later.
The timing of this and the video kind of made me think on how far I’ve come from those moments in school, even if it’s not the ideal place. It is the place where I am right now and I actually have a place I’m looking to be in the future.
I feel like those teachers saw something in me even though they didn’t say it in those exact words. I remember my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Daniels putting in huge amount of extra hours into me and she still remains the teacher I hold most dearly in my heart. I also remember my 5th grade English teacher who was a huge inspiration and probably the reason I chose to read as much as I do and write two blogs. I also hold deep respect for my 9th grade teacher who was superbly understanding and helped me out through a weird phase.
All these teachers had one significant thing in common. They put in the time to make sure I got through that hurdle and that I did it on my own. There weren’t special words that changed my life but subtle lessons that I wouldn’t realize till much later.
Patience, perseverance, survival.
They taught me that no matter how bad it seemed at the time it’s very small in the longer run. Whatever my hurdle is at the time it’s only big till I conquer it.
They’re really intriguing set of shorts that come under the umbrella of Subnormailty that has also been publishing a webcomic since 2007! The comics follow a similar path in terms of art style and content.
The series reaches out on matters that I feel are not considered significant enough to discuss by most people. They also bring to light issues that a lot of us are going through and sprinkle their own unique magic to make people feel comfortable and accepting of the idea. The main thing I take away after watching each of their videos is that I’m not alone and there’s a significantly large number of people going through exactly the same thing.
Even if I don’t relate to the topic or content directly they have a way of reeling me in and making me find a place deep inside that cares and empathizes. Ending episodes with a positive and sometimes dark spin on the condition, feeling, circumstance and so much more, their satirical take on the problems is absolutely delightful.
I could go on but I would rather you discover and take away from it what you need.
See you down the neuron highway when inspiration strikes and the urge to create overtakes.
Superninjacrabking out!




Welcome aboard wanderer,

May your trip through this journey be insightful.

If you saw the video above then you have probably already guessed what this post is about, 14th July 2015 is the date that will go down in history as one of the greatest human achievements in space exploration. Being a huge space nerd and a hopeful future cosmologist I wanted to commemorate this occasion by taking you through a journey of what went on behind this mission, why it is such a big deal & to portray some thoughts.

“Flyby” has been the word on everyone’s lips recently and that is because of the New Horizons mission. So why Flyby? In case you haven’t been following the story flyby in this case is quite literal, New Horizons is just plainly going to fly-by the largest known bodies of the Kuiper belt objects. Most missions sent to study the planets in our solar system with the exception of the voyager missions end up camping around the planets in a comfortable orbit, this unfortunately wasn’t going to happen for New Horizons. The speed at which it travels roughly 14 km/s prevents it from going into orbit around Pluto so it will have just a few days to collect a whole range of data on our most distant cousin, which means it has traveled for close to 3463 days covering close to 5 billion kilometers at blistering speed to reach it’s destination and all it will get is only a few days of hard data collection and some glorious photographs that we will cherish for a long long time.

Today being the momentous day that the spacecraft has its closest approach with Pluto complete radio silence will be observed as it turn its antenna away from home. Beginning from July 12th when we received the last pictures of Pluto the crafts main focus will only be data collection and taking the biggest picture of the planet using LORRI (Long Range Reconnaissance Imager) at 3.8 kilometers per pixel from a range of 768,000 km on the 14th, then it will turn around and “phone home” to confirm that it has survived the flyby on the 15th. The little craft has a whole range of instruments on board other than LORRI for scientific research; REX (Radio science EXperiment), SWAP(Solar Wind Around Pluto), PEPSSI (Pluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Science Investigation), SDC (Student Dust Counter), along with Ralph and Alice. To know more about what these instruments are and what they do visit this page.

A helpful graphic to put the mission into perspective

To someone like me who doesn’t completely comprehend the mathematics, calculations & the science that goes behind such a mission it seems like a miracle that we are able to achieve such a feat.


This GIF gives but a glimpse of the adjustments and the maths involved in the last few days leading up to the flyby and beyond.

I’ve collected a series of pictures from the New Horizons website to show how our view of the planet and its largest moon Charon has changed as we get closer, from January leading to the latest picture taken on 12th July. You can click on the pictures to see them in full resolution, hundreds more can be found here.

25th January 2015

25th January 2015

15th April 2015

15th April 2015

14th May 2015

14th May 2015

15th June 2015

15th June 2015

3rd July 2015

3rd July 2015

12th July 2015

12th July 2015















New Horizons will essentially collect all the real data we have about Pluto and its neighbors but its mission will still not be complete. NASA scientists have plans for this craft that span all the way to 2019 observing other bodies of the Kuiper belt and maybe beyond, New Horizons will be the second human mission after the Voyager crafts to enter this region and hopefully go beyond.

The development cost for this a mission was around $700 million, it would feel like that’s a lot but if you compare it to other things on which we spend money like the F-22 jet program which cost us around 66.7 billion (citation available on wikipedia) and the US air force doesn’t even use them as much due to various reason, it’s a mere drop in the pond. Think what we could’ve done if that kind of money was dedicated towards space research and explorations instead of developing killing machines. Globally we have achieved incredible things with the limited monetary input in space & science research which means that scientists certainly know how to stretch the dollar. The Indian mission to Mars named ‘Mangalyaan’ cost only $74 million, where as maintenance and running cost of the International Space Station is around $3 billion per year, the Hubble space telescope which has enabled us to see sights further than thought possible and some of the most magnificent images only cost us $2.5 billion, and the Kepler space telescope which helped us find numerous exoplanets and hopefully other Earth like planets cost us a mere $550 million. Maybe it is time we accepted the reality and directed our interest towards science and space exploration as knowledge of our celestial neighborhood and the universe is what will benefit our future generations.

My hopes are only to arouse interest and get people talking about this glorious achievement of mankind because as I write this most people on this planet are going about their daily lives oblivious to the existence of this brave little craft and all it has done for us and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Some fun facts that you might miss or would seem unimportant to most:

1. The flyby occurs on the 50th anniversary of the first successful pass of Mars by the Mariner 4 spacecraft. By way of comparison, New Horizons will gather 5,000 times as much data at Pluto than Mariner did at the Red Planet.

2. The vast distance between it and Earth means a radio signal takes about 4 hours and 25 minutes from sending to receipt.

3. It is likely to take 16 months to play back every piece of science acquired over the next week. This is because of the vast distance where only low bit-rates are possible.

4. SWAP, PEPSSI and SDC are “low-speed” compared to LORRI, Ralph, Alice and REX who are called “high-speed”. They are separated in type by the spacecraft bus to which they write their data, the “low speed bus” or the “high speed bus.” That is the reason we get pictures taken by the LORRI camera back from the craft much quicker than other data.

5. The last major world to get this treatment was Neptune, which was passed by Voyager-2 in 1989 on its way out into deep space.

6. The New Horizons spacecraft holds some of the ashes of Clyde Tombaugh the man who discovered it.

Here are some cool pages and articles which will provide valuable and detailed information for those of you who feel intrigued:

1. An article on Popular Science which talks about how New Horizons could reinstate Pluto as a planet.

2. A page detailing how you should plan your July around the Flyby. (A treasured resource of information)

3. The BBC had a string of articles leading up to July 14th. 1, 2, 3, 4

4. The NASA website. (Great place for first hand information)

5. Space Facts about Pluto and it’s companions.

6. Infinity Imagined tumblr. (A great source for GIF’s and pictures of this mission)

7. 9 hidden items on the New Horizons spacecraft.


Nirnaeth Arnoediad, or The Battle of Unnumbered Tears ~ by Ted Nasmith

Nirnaeth Arnoediad, or The Battle of Unnumbered Tears ~ by Ted Nasmith

Here lay the deeds of men,

Good and evil alike

Fighting for a “bigger cause”

Dying for a “belief”

Blinded by passion.

Their lives up for sale

Bought with misdirection

Ideals bent on their destruction

Cost of a human life measured

By those who have no remorse.

Lifes worth lies in the tears

Tears born from the love of ones lost

Love leaping all boundaries of condition

Love alight with possibilities of a tomorrow

Love longing the embrace

Love begging for that smile and all the moments lost forever.

Scavengers linger

Feasting on the spoils of chaos

Consuming death and destruction

Along with the greed and dreams of power

Cleansing and reinvigorating

Preparing us for a new inception. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Salutations weary souls of this mysterious world,

I welcome you to the shores of Super Ninja Crabking land.

I’m going to put a lot of effort into not going on a rant for this one; I plan to keep this short and to the point.

This post is about a topic that affects us all and often lingers around in our thoughts but we refuse to give fuel to this much needed fire and that includes me.

I am talking about death, I am talking about heinous acts that we commit every day, I am talking about suffering felt by millions around the globe in the name of various evils. I refer to the tears of a parent whose child was killed playing outside, the screams of a wife whose husband perished fighting a war that no one cared for, the anger of a husband whose wife was brutally raped and murdered, fear in the eyes of a father whose son picks up arms promising to fight till his death, helplessness in the soul of a mother who cannot get enough food to keep her child alive. I apologize for being a bit dark and shocking, but this is not a subject that I wish to approach with a light heart. I did try to focus more on the emotional aspect rather than the acts themselves because trust me we’ve done and continue to do unimaginably horrible things but you get enough of that everywhere else. Don’t you feel that we find it so much easier to neglect and look the other way? As long as it’s not affecting me or anyone I know it’s easy to file it under non-essential in your brain. My stand here and always, will be that I am against murder, I am against suffering, I am against genocide, I am against hunger, I am against corruption, I am against war, I am against the unequal spread of wealth and resources, I am against misguidance and lying to the population for personal gain. I am going to refrain from naming or shaming any particular faction or government, I’m not even going to address any particular event or situation to avoid being labeled as biased and try to put my point across as purely as possible. I don’t have a problem with anybody or what they stand for but my problem is against what they all have in common, violence. This need to enforce their viewpoint with a show of force, if you have to force your ideals on people through violence and fear then maybe you should take a good look at those ideals because they seem to be something that is not beneficial to anybody in the first place. Your ideas as much as you believe them to be right are not and it is something that you need to accept no matter how difficult it is.

I, like everybody else witness in some form or another all the tyrannies carried out by humans all over the world on a daily basis and what do I do as a result? Nothing. What reaction do I have to the almost infinite suffering incurred by my fellow human beings every day? Not an eyelid bashed. I carry on with my day, I do the same menial task at work afterwards, I go out and have fun with my friends and family, I watch movies and TV shows to divert my mind when alone. I continue to live my life without a second thought about the plight of so many around the world, something that should make me stand and vow to take actions to help people does not even phase me enough to think about it for even a few minutes. I know this is something a lot of people do, I am not making a broad judgment and I am quite aware that there are thousands of people around the world who choose to act towards the betterment of our society and the human race. What I am saying is that there are not enough of us doing that, and even the ones who are out there are doing so as a reaction to the ongoing crisis, we shouldn’t have to be reacting in the first place. I can go on and on forever but I’m going to save you the trouble, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

The above shown piece of art titled “The Battle of Unnumbered Tears” just strummed a few emotional chords in my heart and I decided to use this forum to share my thought. What caught my eye was not the mountain of human remains or the gore in the picture but the sadness, the whole piece is made to divert all that pain to the tears shed by the ones who cared, the ones who see how pointless it is to kill another or get yourself killed over an idea or a disagreement. We as the dominant species on this planet are the only available proof of intelligent life in the entire universe and we are doing a mighty sloppy job of making sure that remains intact. I read articles and hear people saying that we live in a time of relative peace; to those people I ask what their definition of peace is? Does peace mean we are not involved in a world war where thousands if not millions of people are killing each other over petty differences and propaganda created by politicians or corporations who hunger for either money or power? I fail to find any cause, idea or belief bigger in value in relation to even one human life, yet thousands of people around the world seem to easily find many. This is what saddens me, the fact that we fail to understand the value of life itself. Our own life, the life of other species with whom we share the planet and the life of our home which is this little rock in the middle of nowhere that we have so lovingly named Earth. I really wish for us all to stop at some point and realize that there is a bigger picture, that working collectively and coming together to solve each other’s problems might be a much better plan than looking to make a buck of someone’s predicament.

I have always pondered big popular questions of existence such what is the meaning of life? and What is my purpose? I am going to risk answering these questions even if I sound foolish and probably am way out of my depth because great thinkers and higher minds have failed to answer these questions since we gained enough intelligence to ask them. Let me assure you I am not the one that finally figures this out and solves this mystery, the fact that we don’t have answers to these questions is because there is no answer, so instead I will share with you what I think is the meaning of my life. We each have our own meaning our own purpose, this meaning differs in accordance to the roles we play in our lives, whether it is being ourselves, towards family, towards friends, towards society, towards our environment, towards ourselves as a species and so on.

The meaning of my life is love and knowledge. I think love is something that is unique to our species, we have this uncanny ability to somehow entangle our brain and thoughts with another person or an idea at a level that is so personal and exhilarating that it can bring about feelings of euphoria and connections that are nearly impossible to put in words, I picture it to be something like the nutrient filled waters of a river mixing into the ocean which provides the currents to spread them all around the world creating and sustaining life. Where the river is another person or an idea and our mind is the ocean filling itself with the nutrients and using the currents of language and feelings to spread that love all around the world. This ties in perfectly with the other meaning of life which is knowledge because it is something that we gather throughout our lives, it mixes and evolves with our experiences and the development of our brain, to produce something much more profound than itself alone. Knowledge provides us with a means to control & organize our thoughts to move in directions that are fruitful to us and on rare occasions to plains not visited by others. Think of it as a means to understand the flow of currents and successful understanding can lead to more optimal spread of nutrients which in turn would create an explosion of life. I think it is kind of important that knowledge and love go together because having the means to manipulate information and create influence without the love and greater good in mind can have disastrous effects, all of which we have and continue to witness to this day.

Having all that together brings me to the purpose of life which I think is making sure we all individually and collectively work towards not only ensuring our survival as a species but working towards exploring unseen possibilities and reaching heights that we cannot even conceive at the moment. This purpose of survival I feel is older than us and most life as we know it, it stems back to the primordial life. The sole purpose of life was to make sure it was sustained and be able to replicate itself to ensure survival. This is a common trait we share with all other life on the planet and is engraved in our DNA, which I might say is the basic purpose of DNA itself, to ensure the survival of our species. I feel although we are at a crossroads where our rapid growth in intelligence combined with the ability to create means to manipulate our environment to our needs has put us on a direct collision course with our most basic purpose. I will not lose hope because I know we have it within ourselves to realize that this trend of short term thinking will lead to our demise as a species. We need to slowly and surely come together as a species and push ourselves to creating a balance between our growth and exploitation of the environment and ourselves. If we direct all the energy and resources put into creating war, spreading propaganda, exploitation of dwindling non-renewable resources, lobbying and misguidance to actually helping each other, creating dialogue and promoting conflict resolution, education, motivation, focusing on renewable resources and thinking as a species rather than a religion or a nation or a region, we can stick around for a couple of thousand years longer and hopefully live up to the title of being the only current intelligent life in the Universe.

I feel I have gone on longer than I should’ve but hopefully my message has been successfully transferred. So I feel it is time for us to find means to not kill ourselves, devise plans to save our dying planet, and promote a culture of equality and life preservation. I believe we are getting there slowly but surely if you study history on a larger scale, all we have to do is ensure we don’t kill each other before we reach that stage.

I left the poem/thought unfinished because we always have a chance at a new beginning; it only depends on how we choose to begin. Let us and our actions fill in the end.

Super Ninja Crabking out.

In case you liked the art in this post, it and other amazing pieces can be found here



Salutation dwellers of this web realm,

No thought or poetry today, instead I’m gonna take you on a ride through the process of procrastination itself as experienced by me en route to coming up with something meaningful to post.

I was feeling inspired since I woke up and had this feeling inside that I’m gonna do something that I enjoy and create a masterpiece today. Whilst occupied with the morning cleansing rituals I came up with quite a few ideas, one of which was highly exciting, an addition of sorts to a pet project. It is still in an early stage to reveal much more about it at this point as it will ruin the surprise if I ever end up finishing it. So I hurry towards work in the hopes of putting fingers to keys and doing what gives me immense pleasure. But when I step out of the house I was instantly slapped in the face with the color Orange!. Let me explain I live in the desert and for some reason mother nature decided today was the day she would pick up half the desert a mile up and start sprinkling it all over. In other words it was one mother of a sandstorm.

A View of my view

A View of my view

I got excited and kinda distracted at the same time with this not rare but still very bizarre phenomena, it felt like the city was teleported in it’s entirety inside a Martian storm. Honestly I get mesmerized by such events, it excites me a lot and makes me want to just stop and just simply experience it. I wanted to feel the gentle wind which was oddly chilling brushing against my skin, I wanted to imagine what seem to be molecular dust particles land on me one at a time and even journey through my lungs and back out again, I like to stare at the sky and absorb all the colors all the shadows all the movement, I wanted to feel the sound of everything moving around me the leaves brushing against each other the car engines the birds taking rest and almost acting as if discussing this very phenomena. Unfortunately I did not do any of these things and instead got in a cab straight to work, living in a city unfortunately means you can’t stop on the pavement with arms open and eyes closed to experience the weather, people judge you and you feel awkward to the point where as if their judgement of your behavior is broadcast aloud for everyone to hear and the rest join forces against you. Yes my dear minions we live in a time when experiencing the planet that we live on and it’s weather is considered out of the norm and raises eyebrows, I wish I was a better person and didn’t care about this but some sort of mind-control which I am unable to break free of is calling the shots now, I will have the last laugh though.

So I reach work but all I can think about is this weather. An hour or so goes by with me thinking about all of the stuff I mentioned above, I chat with a few people in between and do the normal socializing. As you must have guessed nothing has been accomplished on the before mentioned project, I remember that I need to do that and start to think about putting it in order.

Since that is a mental activity I start to surf my regular sites for news and other things while I “think”. All is not completely lost and I do pause in between articles & stories to ponder about setting down a step by step plan, unfortunately as time passes these pauses become few and far between.  Thankfully I’m aware of this as I have had extensive experience in the art of procrastination. I decide to play some music which usually does the trick, but it has to be chosen very carefully because any old random stuff that I listen to will just bore me and I’ll end up wasting my time trying to find the “right” song(s). All this dear reader I’m quite aware is me procrastinating about procrastinating, but that is how it works man. You have to soldier on, keep focus and push yourself and hopefully you’ll get there.

So I play the first song

Not my usual style of music but I think it’s a good song and it has been stuck in my head for a few days.

Now this has really got the juices flowing and I set it on repeat but realize that I’m at my place of employment and at some point have to get some actual work done, I have a mental face palm moment and start to carry out some “work” activities to at least give the impression of productivity to my colleagues and have done something till the end of the day.

I start to tire of the song and switch to something else, which again, sigh, takes a few minutes to find.

That song can be found here.

More work gets done as the song nears completion, the next song needs to be found, as I’m liking the groove I choose to continue with the same artist, and the next song I played was this, followed by this. Work is getting done at record pace, so in appreciation of my efforts I decide to take a little break. A break to do what you may think, well a break to do what I was supposed to have done ages ago, but alas that wasn’t going to happen. I instead decided to go check out what’s going on in the world of Metal! I browse my regular sites for interesting news and do find some cool stuff, turns out Motorhead has a metal cruise called “Motorboat” where they and gods of Metal! such as Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus and others will melt your faces off in the middle of the ocean while Kerry King himself serves you a cold one. Even though I’m quite aware that I will not be part of this event it excited me like a teenager waiting for a certain picture to load on a 56k modem (wink wink). So I decide to share this amazing news with the only other idiot that I thought would be as excited as me. He has a wordpress blog as well called Damn I stepped in poo which can be reached by clicking on the name of the blog, but I’m unaware if he’s seen the article yet.

At this point I’m completely oblivious to the fact that I had to write something to post today so I carried on reading more and listening to more music until I came upon this gem.

Holy mother of all that is evil Batman! Has this girl got talent or what?

To be honest I played the video for the exact reason you would think, but very soon I saw this video for what it truly was. An awesome drum cover for an insane song. So I continued to check out her other stuff while simultaneously getting some office “work” done, this is when the frustration of having to deal with another failed attempt at writing something started to become a reality.

I stopped everything and thought about it for a minute and forced myself to come up with something, anything at all to write about irrespective of whether it would be published. After straining my head for a while and frustratedly thinking to myself that “I am getting tired with procrastinating at every given opportunity”. That’s when I was like why not write about procrastinating itself & this journey I go through pretty much every time I try to do something which is even slightly challenging. This process I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to, with the amount of distractions available to us every minute it is a wonder we get any meaningful work done at all and concentrating on any one given task has become next to impossible.

It would have served both purposes, I would’ve had the chance to procrastinate and also have written something that I was comfortable writing even though it would be mildly or even non-entertaining. It saved me the effort of coming up with a thought that was profound or about something or the other.

This whole event has a more profound meaning to me, it is going to be a turning point where I am no longer bound by a situation and my tendency to easily give up on a task. If I’m going to set my sights on achieving something I’m sure as hell gonna get it done.

My goal today was simple, to work on the unnamed project or get a post out by the end of the day and by the flying spaghetti monster I have something published today. It is these small victories on a daily basis that will eventually lead to bigger one in the future.

I hope you found this trip enlightening, entertaining, worthwhile as much as I did. Although if you made it this far then you probably did.

With a new outlook this is Superninjacrabking signing off and wishing you an awesome fucking day.



True randomness
impossible to achieve
beyond us to comprehend
our awareness unsuitable
our willingness feeble

Oh how I wish to witness
oh how I long to be part of
Why do you elude me?

Everything is
due to something
caused by something
pushed by something
changed by something
influenced by something

Unknown to us
larger than our comprehension
bigger than our existence
it’s mystery unsolvable
why are you so enticing?

Your wisdom I must attain
withholding gifts innumerable
I wish to be part of thee
would you kindly accept me

Universe so vast and unforgiving
illuses us of it’s randomness
but even it follows rules
even it longs
working in harmony
to attain the unattainable
even it will never be

Maybe it’s a concept
maybe it’s a myth
but then why did we?
how do we know it exists
but can never see

What is random?
other than something that will always be


Salutations wandering souls of the internet,

I come to you again with another thought after a long hiatus.

I have been through a lot since the last post and most of my life has not been good. There were some memorable once in a lifetime moments as well, I honestly thought my next post was going to be about what happened and what I went through but I guess it’ll have to wait. The creative juices were flowing and I was feeling good after a long time so I jumped onto the thought train and let the words flow.

I know it’s not one of the best things I’ve written but the concept and the thought was too complicated and bigger than I could convey successfully. But that’s why this blog exists so I can attempt to convey what I need to successfully and in an entertaining way. So let’s get into it, I had this thought about true and complete randomness, I believe that everything around us is governed by the simple law of cause and effect, everything that seems unexplainable and hard to believe has some or the other driving force behind it. People in opposite corners of the earth, or even objects unimaginably far away in space adhere to this simple concept blindly and constantly.

So I ask you what is truly random?

This is not so easily answered, Even the most bizarre and unimaginably complex thing can be explained if you look hard enough. Even the most miniscule change can cause a ripple effect and bring about tremendous changes. I was reading about a bizarre phenomenon that occurred some time ago, without getting too technical, there is a pulsar close to us that had been emitting radio waves in bursts in our direction and we had been observing it for the past five years and suddenly it stopped. This was perplexing to the people studying it because pulsar’s are hard to come by and provide a wealth of knowledge about gravity and the life and death of a star, also they are not that short-lived. Desperately looking for answers the scientists found out that this pulsar was part of a binary system, it’s neighboring star was affecting it’s gravity and creating this unusual phenomenon where the gravitational conflict creates waves in space and time. This is very rare because pulsar’s are very dense and spin furiously, this particular one spins 7 times per second (this is something that has one and a half times the mass of our sun in a ball 10 miles across), this pulsar moved a few degrees away from us over time till the radio waves were no longer facing us, and with a little mathematical magic we can even predict when it will be facing us again. I will attach a link to the article after the post for those of you that want to know further, but for the sake of the reader I will stop now.

Another less boring example is of a man holding an umbrella around President Kennedy when he was assassinated, it was assumed by conspiracy theorists and regular people alike that the man with the umbrella was the one who committed the deed, it seemed so obvious, it was him he looked suspicious, the umbrella was some sort of a gun. A manhunt was launched and it took the person himself coming forward for the fear of his life and explaining what he was doing there and why he had the umbrella, to put this crazy theory to rest. It turned out that he was protesting a cause and the umbrella was a symbol of protest, I will attach a link to the video made by the New York Times about this incident for your better understanding.

My point is  to go back to my initial question which is, what is truly random? How do you define random? How do you recognize something that is truly random?

It was the emission of the radio waves by the pulsar in our direction that made us notice it and it was the abrupt stopping of the radio waves which made us observe the other star and discover something new entirely. The only man out with an umbrella out on a beautifully sunny day would’ve seemed random but not alarming, it was no wonder no one seemed to care about him at the time, but there was a reason behind it.

So what is truly random?

How do we even know the concept of random? How do you recognise something as random if we’ve never truly witnessed it? What I feel is that the lack of an explanation and anything that links one event to another pushes us to assume that it was random. We fail to understand that there are forces in effect which are beyond our field of vision and thought, and also we will not notice until we look exactly in that direction or the reason becomes painfully obvious. It took miniscule pushes on the pulsar over a period of thousands of years by it’s twin and it’s axis shifting 2 degrees each year for it to slowly move away from us, this phenomenon would not have been known to us had this not happened.

I also feel that we will never truly understand our existence and the mysteries of our world and this universe in it’s entirety, we will always need the concept of random until we can figure out what actually happened. It exists to fill out this gap in our understanding and probably is part of the human condition to understand itself and it’s world, our ignorance and refusal to accept a bigger truth also fuels this fire. I can go on a tangent here but we’ll save that for another time.

I would also like to point out that I am not above the people that I mock and I too am part of the human condition, But the difference I think is that I do not stop at saying something is random and that’s that, I always wonder and observe for things that might somehow link up to give me the answer. I give myself too much credit, I try to do so whenever possible I will admit, a lot of insignificant things happen in life and it is not a good use of the limited time we have to understand everything so we need to pick and choose.

But I really wish to observe something truly random and I hope that my understanding and consciousness is sound enough to recognize it, and I do not disregard it as something that will reveal itself in time or it’s something I need to study further. How would I even share it with someone even if I did? How could I prove it’s randomness?

I’ve raised more questions than I’ve answered but if I get you thinking then there are two minds working on this and that’s better than me alone.

So the next time you use the word random, try to think if it truly was “random”.

Until the next thought train comes along I bid you farewell.

Superninjacrabking out


Feel free to leave comments, your thoughts, praises and even insults in the comment section below.

The article on the Pulsar done by the BBC can be found here.

The Short video on the Umbrella man done by the New York Times can be found here.